for her:

original, scrappy,
a bag for each woman.
a woman for each bag.

choose the "malefatta" that best talks about you!

Similar, but all different. They are the women, with their desires, each with their own particularities. Everyone is special.

There is an “Malefatta” for each of them: color, shape, model for every taste and every single need.

All Malefatte bags and accessories are made of PVC recycled from disused advertising banners, they are completely washable and waterproof.

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for: choose among the shopping bags for everyday use, the shoulder bags for work and study, or the bags and handbags with handles and shoulder strap for the evening and the day.

Each bag and every accessory tell a story, starting from different origins, up to the craftsmanship piece by piece, made by expert hands and with many stories to stitch together with each individual cutout.

Complete your look with the Malefatte accessories: wallets and purses, glasses holders, cosmetic bags and cases of different sizes.