The Malefatte bags and accessories come from the laboratory of recycled PVC materials
of the Social Cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri

Active since 2009 in the Santa Maria Maggiore Men’s Prison in Venice, it has placed numerous prisoners, who are coordinated by an instructor, on the path to a job that can lead to them being hired at the end of their imprisonment.

Our labs are open to anyone who wants to share in our social commitment. We collaborate with public and private sectors, businesses, associations, and in events and exhibitions.


The Social Cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri was established in 1994 and includes both prisoners and free people as its members. The work activities began in order to offer prisoners an alternative to the cell, focusing primarily on re-socialization and drawing on volunteer resources.

Over time, it has developed two main focuses: professional training and work. It considers them the main instruments to start the path to empowerment and social integration.
Currently the work occurs within two Correctional Facilities in Venice and in the domain of criminal judgment. The work activities were started based on the characteristics of the places where they were located, paying special attention to the relationship with the surrounding territory: the City of Venice.

Today the prisoners, who are also working members of the cooperative, and assisted by instructors, collaborators and volunteers, produce silkscreen items, as well as bags and accessories in recycled PVC, create cosmetics lines, and grow organic produce. Their work is sold through retail outlets, and public and private commissions.